LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Nick Houck, the Bardstown police officer who was suspended without pay in September, has been fired.

The firing comes one day after a closed administrative hearing involving the police department, mayor and city attorney.

Nick Houck is the brother of Brooks Houck, the longtime boyfriend of Crystal Rogers. The mother of five has been missing for months. She was last seen at Brooks’ farm in Nelson County. Her car was later found on the Bluegrass Parkway with a flat tire. Her purse, phone, keys and a diaper bag were found inside the car.

According to a Final Order signed by Bardstown Mayor John Royalty, Nick Houck was fired for interfering with an ongoing investigation into Rogers' disappearance. 

In the document, Royalty says Houck failed a polygraph test in July given by the FBI. 

"Mr. Houck has lost the trust of his chief," Royalty wrote in the Order. "He has lost the trust of his fellow law enforcement officers."

Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin released a statement on the Bardstown Police Department's Facebook page: "I expect, demand, and will accept nothing less than ethical, professional, proactive officers on this department. While the difficult task of firing an officer will always weigh heavy, I will not hesitate to remove one if our profession, our badge, or our oath and affirmation, are tarnished. Our community demands and expects it, and so do I. When a mistake of the heart is overtaken by a mistake of the mind, I will take action. The number of those who offend our own duty of honor is so very low yet receives, rightfully so, the most scrutiny and will suffer the consequences. As long as I am chief this will be my command...follow it or suffer my wrath."

According to the Order, Nick Houck called his brother on July 8 as he was being interviewed by Nelson County Sheriff's Deputy Jon Snow. 

"Making a call to his brother in such circumstances is enough to be considered interference in a criminal investigation given Mr. Houck's experience and background as a police officer," the document states. "In common terms, he should have known better." 

Nick Houck told his brother he should protect himself and that "they might be trying to trip him up," according to the Order. 

Rogers’ family members have said Brooks Houck has not helped them search for her. In the Order, Royalty wrote that Nick Houck "did not cooperate with (the) ongoing criminal investigation. 


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