LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - It was health issues, and a strange noise that had Rick King stirring in the middle of the night Thursday.

"I heard a popping noise and I just kind of raised up and was 'like what is that,'" said King. "I turned around and right outside our bedroom window I saw the flames, and they were pretty intense," he said of flames that were growing closer to the apartment where he lived.

Without hesitation, King ran back into his burning apartment to save others who were fast asleep. First, he got his wife out, then went back in to alert others. "I ran upstairs and was banging on their door, they were like dead asleep," said King. "I woke up to beating on the door saying, 'get out!' I'm glad he did that cause I'm a heavy sleeper," said Dorsett.

King saved Tyler Dorsett and a woman who were sound asleep.

"If Rick wouldn't have woke me up, it probably would've been a fireman and who knows what shape i would've been in," said Dorsett.

"I had to bang for about 60 seconds," said King. Dorsett finally woke up. King says explained what was going on and got the two people out.

The fire broke out on Beechwood Avenue Thursday around 2:30 in the morning. Investigators say the fire started in a garage before spreading to the complex and then a church. "Smoke was running in pretty well and I could see flames outside the window, I just kind of grabbed the essentials and got out," Dorsett recalled.

Dorsett says firefighters fought the blaze at the church from inside his kitchen. It took 70 firefighters more than an hour to put it out.

Now, the four people who live in the building are assessing what is left of their belongings. "I don't even have no shoes," King laughed.

Almost everything was lost, including King's van. His home for the time being is a motel room. He sees nothing heroic about what he did. "It was instinct he's a neighbor, we were friends we talked all the time. who's not going to go up and warn someone there's a fire," he said.

His neighbor wants him to know he feels otherwise. "It could be worse," said Dorsett. "Everybody got out okay, and I have to thank Rick for that."

If you would like to help these people, you can do so through the Red Cross by calling the disaster desk at (502) 561-3642. Red Cross representatives say you can specify you would like your donation to help those affected by the Beechwood Avenue fire.


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