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POV | They were only following orders...

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You've probably seen last month's video footage of the two Texas high school football players who blatantly blindsided a referee with a vicious tackle from behind that was nowhere near the play in progress. The players were reportedly told to carry out the attack by an assistant coach because the ref missed some calls and made some racial slurs during the game -- a charge he denies.

All that is bad enough. But what really upsets me about this incident is the number of people on social media who are insisting these players should be excused of any responsibility for their actions because they were only following their coach's orders. Are they kidding?

Sure, the coach should be held accountable. But are these people really saying these kids are incapable of understanding basic right and wrong? They're 16 -- not six. And this wasn't just a little shove. It was a violent attack that caused a concussion and very well could have paralyzed the ref -- or worse. Claiming they had no option to disobey a clearly criminal order is nonsense.

I believe there are plenty of teenagers with enough integrity to refuse to carry out an order that could result in serious injury or even death, even if it did come from an authority figure.

These two kids don't deserve to have their lives ruined forever. But serious discipline for both is definitely well-deserved.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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