Glenna Bevin is Mom to  Grace, MacKenzie, Madison, Olivia, Sophia, Isaac, Lydia, Jonah and Danial. We were at the Bevin home in Louisville on a Thursday afternoon as nine hungry kids came home from school. 

"We love children and I was older and no longer could have more and we always wanted to adopt, so we did," she explained. 

She says it was a family decision to run for the Governor's office.

"They're in this fight with us," Glenna Bevin said of the kids. "We call it fighting the good fight. We are fighting for Kentucky and for all of the families just like us who want a voice who want a better life...It's selfish for Matt and I. We're going to have grand babies one day. I want my children to have jobs here."

Her love of children and family is what drives her and, in turn, it would be her passion as first lady.

"Child protective services; that's very near to my heart. I'm all about the kids and making sure they're taken care of," Glenna Bevin said. 

But there are times when it's tough to sit back and watch, like when the other side attacks.

We asked what she thought was the biggest misconception people have about her husband. 

She replied, "His honesty. Hes not a pathological liar. My husband is a good man. He truly believes a man's word is his bond. He lives by that.  I've known him for 25 plus years. It's wrong what's been done to him."

On what Matt Bevin is like at home: 

"He's good at bringing humor and perspective back in our house.  I'm a schedule girl I need everything organized. A little OCD sometimes. I have 9 children so it doesn't go my way most days. Matt comes back in he makes a joke, he gets the kids back on track and we laugh about it."

"He went on a business trip and was gone overnight and the kids hate when he's gone overnight so we were having dinner the next night. And one of the littles said Mom, When Dad comes home the fun comes back in the house....and I'm like, 'What am I?'"

On how they met: "I saw him in his uniform and he was so handsome."

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