Elizabeth Conway is Mom to Eva and Alex. We met her at Family Scholar House in downtown Louisville, where she serves on the board.

"Having two children -- 6 and 4 -- we are in the middle of early childhood education ourselves," she said.  

That ties in to the platform of what she'd like to accomplish as first lady.

"Where I focus my time and attention is how can we have more quality early learning environments in Kentucky and how can we get more children engaged in lifelong learning?" Elizabeth Conway said. "It just shocks me that 51 percent of Kentucky's 5- and 6-year-olds are not Kindergarten ready we can definitely do more and do better in that area and that's what I'll focus on as first lady."

She spent 16 years working for Louisville-based Brown-Forman. 

"How that will change? I don't know," she said, "but I look forward to using the skills I've learned in my work to help other Kentuckians."

We asked Elizabeth Conway about the ugly side of politics and how she deals with attack ads and personal stories. 

"Do what we tell our children to do, which is turn the other cheek," she replied. "Thankfully none of the ads are airing on Disney Junior or the Disney channel so they really don't see that."

On what kind of dad Jack Conway is:

"Jack is their favorite playmate. He plays the prince in all the princess games because we have two daughters."

"If he's not there in the evening he'll have breakfast with them. If he gets home he'll put them to bed, read them books. We just shift like many families have to do."

On how the two met:

"Jack and I both worked on Governor Patton's 1995 campaign for governor. I was a volunteer in the office doing data entry learning communications and he walked in the door and I thought he was the best looking man I'd ever seen. I think I fell in love immediately."

"We got to be friends over the years, dated for a long time, got married."

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