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GUEST POV | Bob McEwen - Show both sides

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By Bob McEwen
WDRB Guest Editorial

WDRB ran two contradictory news pieces last week.

During the first, Bill Lamb in his "Point of View" discussed the fact that 60% of the people don’t trust the media, and how WDRB strives to be fair and balanced, and a trusted news source.

The second was a news story about how Republicans in the Town of Clarksville are losing political signs. While candidates from both parties, including myself as a Democrat, have lost signs, WDRB failed to mention that. To make matters worse, WDRB filmed the story in front of Republican headquarters. Buried at the end of the story was a statement from the police chief about the problem being reported by both parties. As a result of this one-sided reporting, the story was nothing more than a political commercial at best and WDRB ends up looking like the outlets Mr. Lamb want to differ the station from.

If Mr. Lamb really wants to set WDRB apart from other media outlets that the public does not trust, his case would be better if the station had reported this story in a politically neutral way, and by talking to candidates from both parties who lost signs. Instead, the station aired this as a strictly partisan problem suffered by Republicans.

While Mr. Lamb tried in his “Point of View” to present WDRB as different from other news outlets, the station behaved in the exact manner on this issue that creates public distrust for the media.

I’m Bob McEwen and that’s my Point of View.

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