LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) –- It’s a rainy day on Mystery Lake. The colorful fall leaves fall from tree branches as the wind blows around the lake. But weather couldn't keep some unique fisherman from dropping their boats in the water.

“I've always loved fishing,” said Arnie Greatheart, who has served in the Army.

The reason behind it is simple. They're surrounded by nature, fresh air and have a chance to re-charge.

“It's just a time to let a lot of stuff go ... and just have fun,” Greatheart said.

For Greatheart and 41 other active soldiers and veterans, it's something they need.

“It's just peaceful. Just something about it. Whatever is bothering you, troubling you, you can just leave it at bay. When you get out on to the water, it’s just you and whoever you go with,” he said.

Some are long-time friends, others start as strangers. They become fishing partners at a Kentucky Pro Bass Warriors event.

“The most enjoyable part is when these soldiers come out here and catch a fish," 21-year Army veteran Dave Bolbin said. "It’s the first time they've caught a fish in so long. I lose more fish than he caught today."

“The first one I hit, it's kind of like an adrenaline rush, but it’s just fun. It's like you're a kid," Army veteran Roscoe Tidwell said. "You don't have a care in the world anymore."

Tidwell spent five years in the Army. He was injured during his third tour of duty in the Middle East.

“It's just awesome to get out and clear your head,” Tidwell said.

So for every line that’s casted, the everyday stress diminishes.

“Everybody thinks when you talk about wounded soldiers, they're looking to see missing limbs,” Kentucky Pro Bass Warriors founder Kaoru O’Bryan said. “And, you know, not physical wounds. But ... mental wounds.”

With a competitive edge, the soldiers and veterans wait to see whose fish weigh the most.

“Boat number 19,” a volunteer shouted. “8.65 (pounds). Good bank guys.”

And by the end of the day, some of the fish were released back into the water. As they swim away so do the worries of these heroes ... at least for a short time.

“Love it. Alright buddy, here you go,” Tidwell said, as he kissed the fish before placing it back in the lake.

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