LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Republicans are making a play for a seat long held by Democrats. 

It's a race that could change the face of Louisville's Metro Council. Currently, 17 of the 26 members of Metro Council are Democrats, but Republicans believe they have a good chance to flip a seat, and the reason is all in a name.

For years, Bob Redman was a Friday night fixture on the sidelines. He coached for 35 years, leading Male High School to three state football championships.

Now, it's a much different game for the legendary coach.

"I think the favorite part is to honestly meet people at the doorstep," said Redman as he walked the streets on his neighborhood.

Redman was chosen by the county Republican Party to run for Metro Council. He says, in a way, politics is much like coaching football.

"I wanted my kids, my players, to have input into what we did each week, offensively, defensively, and so forth," he said. "And I find that people are the same way. They want to be involved in their government."

Redman knows his name gives him a chance to pull an upset in this heavily Democratic district. 

"It gets the conversation started sometimes," he said, smiling.

Redman's Democratic opponent, Pat Mulvihill, also has a familiar name. His mother, Mary Margaret Mulvihill, served on the old Louisville Board of Alderman.

"It's been a pleasure when you go to doors, especially in this big a district, and they know your name coming up," he said. 

Mulvihill, is an attorney and a fixture at City Hall, working for the mayor, the Metro Council and now for the County Attorney.

"The difference is, I wouldn't have to learn this job. I know this job. I've worked in it," said Mulvihill.

All signs, point to a close race. And there's not much difference when it comes to issues. Both say the top priority is public safety. The election will likely come down to whether Redman has enough star power to overcome years of tradition.

"I've got to have Democrats that support Bob Redman," he said.

Mulvihill is counting on Democrats to stick with the party. 

"Hopefully in District 10, we'll drive out more Democrats who will hopefully look at the candidates here and say, 'I want to stick with the Democrat, Pat Mulvihill.'

The winner will fill the unexpired term of the late Metro Council President Jim King.

The current interim councilman, Democrat Steve Magre, was chosen by Metro Council.

He is staying neutral, planning to run for the seat himself in 2016.

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