LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On the outside, the building still looks like the former Tumbleweed restaurant. But inside, work is underway to transform the building into Doc’s Cantina, a nearly $3 million project.

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the Waterfront Development Board got their first look at the new restaurant, which will hold 425 customers.

The restaurant was completing gutted inside, but construction is finally coming to an end.

There will be a new bar on the bottom floor and the kitchen has been moved across the restaurant to open up a new seating area.

“All the dining is now on the river side,” Falls City Hospitality Group Managing Partner, Brett Davis, told board members.

The Falls City Hospitality Group, which is known for Doc Crow's, is behind the project.

Managing Partner, Brett Davis, says it will have a south of the border concept that is being called "Mex-Mex".

“We are doing what we consider you'll find in Mexico today and our version of that,” Davis said.

A wall and stairway on the bottom floor, used by staff members, has also been knocked down and moved to allow more seating along the river, and a better view for customers.

Davis has also been traveling to Mexico, picking out an addition to the bar menu you'll only find at the restaurant.

“Visiting Mezcal distilleries and was able to pick out a very unique barrel of Mezcal that's been aged in bourbon barrels that I'll be bringing back. It will be the only place in the world that you can get that spirit,” Davis said.

This is one of two restaurants along River Road currently in the works for the restaurant group.

Doc's Cantina was expected to open this month, but that will be pushed back until December, or possibly January.

“But we're really close and we're excited about that,” Davis said.

Hiring for Doc's Cantina will begin next month. They say they will likely hire more than 100 people.

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