In downtown Bardstown, it's hard to miss the signs about Crystal Rogers.

The mother of five disappeared in early July. Her car was found abandoned on the Bluegrass Parkway with her purse and phone still inside. The Nelson County Sheriff's Office says Rogers is likely dead. 

Her longtime boyfriend Brooks Houck was named as the only suspect less than two weeks ago, but he has not been charged. 

"I just think if he's a suspect in that, if they think that he did that to my daughter? Is Eli in danger?" Rogers' mother Sherry Ballard said. "We can't help but think that way."

Crystal Rogers parents, Tommy and Sherry Ballard, are taking care of four of their daughter's kids, but 3-year-old Eli is with Houck. 

"We haven't seen him, his sisters and brothers haven't seen him and it's just hard to sit and wait that long," Ballard said.  

They went to court to ask for visitation in September. 

"We are still waiting for that judge to make the decision," Ballard said.

Rogers parents say even though the judge still hasn't decided, they now plan to take things a step further and ask for full custody. 

"We would have taken visitation ya know, in the beginning, we just wanted to see that baby -- just to let  him know we're here and we haven't forgotten him," Ballard said. "But yes ma'am, we are seeking full custody."

In a police interview with Houck from July -- released last week -- he talks about Eli, telling investigators he could scale back at work to focus on his son. 

"I'm ready to hire an auctioneer to sell all this stuff so I can, so I can be there for him like Crystal," Houck says in the video.

Houck's attorney points out you can be a suspect or even charged, but you are still innocent until proven guilty. 

We reached out to the the judge's office Wednesday, but they couldn't give us a time line for a decision on visitation.

As for Rogers' parents, they plan to file for full custody next week. 

The Nelson County Sheriff seems confident they will eventually have enough evidence to arrest Brooks Houck. As of now, the investigation is still open. 

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