Coach Rick Pitino spoke publicly Thursday night for the first time since he was sidelined by attorneys for ACC Media Day.

But it was all basketball business for the coach during “The Rick Pitino show" at Tumbleweed.

It was a packed house full of unwavering fans in red Cardinals gear, and it was all about basketball, the players and this year’s season. Pitino didn’t comment on the recent sex scandal allegations.

“Fifty years a fan, you’re not going to change me at this stage in the game,” said Carol Westerman.

“I've been a U of L fan for 56 years,” Dave Livers said.

Pitino spoke strictly about basketball and what his players need to work on this year.

“I think he's the best coach in the country, I’m proud he's our coach,” Carroll Baldauf.

“I'm here to give support to U of L during this trying moment,” Westerman said.

Coach Pitino did not address the sex scandal allegations within the basketball program that are described in breaking Cardinal rules.

“Rick Pitino can't possibly know what goes on in every part of his department,” Baldauf said.

But Pitino did make a reference to how the allegations have affected him the past four weeks.

“I have developed insomnia for good reasons,” he said, “and then finally it’s 5:30 and it’s time to go to work -- hasn’t been fun this last month.”

Pitino had been vocal about the allegations until university attorneys kept him from ACC Media Day. Even once the show was over the coach said he was asked not to talk by the university's media relations director.

“I can't, Kenny told me not to do it,” Pitino said as we asked him for an interview after the show.

However, many of the cards fans say they want coach Pitino to know they are behind him and hope everything works out -- they're with him for the ups and the downs.

“That's why I'm here. Go Cards. It's another good day,” Baldauf said.

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