LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville woman who was once sentenced to life without parole for setting a fire inside her home that killed her 2-year-old son 17 years ago was released from prison earlier this week. 

Tina Quarles set the fire at her house on West Muhammad Ali Boulevard in November of 1998, while she and her three children were inside.

A detective who testified in her trial said Quarles was depressed and wanted to kill herself so "she took a can of lighter fluid poured it on the bed and on the floor surrounding the bed. She then lit the lighter fluid with a black lighter."

Quarles and two of her children escaped, but her youngest child died. 

Quarles successfully appealed her sentence and had it reduced to 40 years. She was released on supervised probation earlier this week. That means she can't leave the state without permission, can't break any laws and must check in with her parole supervisor periodically or she can be sent back to prison. 

Quarles must also undergo a mental health evaluation. 

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