LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It has made headlines for crime and health violations, but Saturday brought a different view of a controversial Louisville hotel.

The Economy Inn held a Halloween party.

General Manager Tony Yaldo says he wanted to show the public who the staff really is and how they care about their guests.

He says they've put about $500,000 in upgrades into the motel and plan on another $500,000 soon.

Because of recent bad publicity, he says business has declined nearly 40 percent.

"Anybody that stays here loves this place," Yaldo said. "But the problem is everybody from the outside, watching your news or their news saying the bad things about us, they're just outside looking in. They haven't been here. They want to see this place, they're more than welcome."

The Economy Inn will undergo another inspection on Monday.

Yaldo says they plan to host their Halloween party every year.


WDRB takes you inside the troubled Economy Inn

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