LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Dixie Highway is about to undergo a facelift. 

It's going to cost almost $30 million -- and the funding is in now place: $16.9 million will come from a national TIGER grant. That will be paired with $11.5 million from the state highway fund -- and $500,000 is coming from Metro Louisville.

The plan to make Dixie Highway more capable to handle its high traffic will begin next year, in phases. The first phase will be better traffic signals to reduce congestion. The second phase will involve new sidewalks and improved crosswalks. And the third phase -- an improved bus line called the Bus Rapid Transit Line -- will be operated by TARC. 

"We chose this project here as our TIGER priority because this is one of -- because of that partnership," said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. "And then because obviously, this is one the most important and busiest corridors for transportation and economic development in this region of the country -- certainly in Louisville and southwest Louisville."

"We all know that roads are not just ribbons of asphalt and concrete," said Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. "They are arteries. They are arteries that carry workers to their jobs. Goods to market. Kids to school. Parts to factories. And families to the doctor to the grocery and to church."

Dixie Highway sees 60,000 cars a day, and it's the busiest road, not only in the city, but also the state. Officials hope the new plan will help make Dixie Highway safer and alleviate congestion.

The project is expected to start next year and will take several years to complete. 

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