LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Louisville’s Germantown neighborhood has a saying about having a bar on every corner and a drink in every hand, but some say that joke is becoming reality.

There are at least 13 bars in a mile and a half radius and some others are about to open.

“We love people investing in our neighborhoods and opening up restaurants and we hope that other investors will put up more shops and stores and stuff to kind of mix it up a little bit,” said Dan McMahon, a Germantown resident.

McMahon says he loves all the new buzz around the neighborhood but he's concerned some of the new places are going to push out the old.

"We're also worried that a lot of our small business bars that have been here for years, maybe the bar scene is getting a little too saturated and they'll all maybe start struggling because there's just not enough business for all of them,” he said.

Other changes are underway, too.

Underhill Associates is investing $20 million to renovate the old cotton mill and antique mall on Goss Avenue into loft style apartments.

A new bar will soon open across the street and they want to turn the old Germantown daycare into a new restaurant.

Some neighbors are speaking out against the idea on the neighborhood's Facebook page.

Nancy says "there are way too many bars."

Kim says "street parking is already scarce."

Others say they wish the developer's would re-open the daycare.

"I'm excited about it and so is the neighborhood association,” said Mike Morris, president of Schnitzelburg Area Community Council.

Morris says he understands resident's concerns but he believes the amenities people want will come with time.

"If a daycare is really needed a business person or entrepreneur will come in here and open one. The market will take care of itself,” said Morris.

Underhill Associates held a meeting Monday night to meet with residents about a new proposed restaurant and bar on the property of the newly renovated lofts.

According to its website, the restaurant will be a southern-style kitchen with outdoor dining and alcohol service.

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