LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Health officials have released the results from the latest inspection of the Economy Inn on Bardstown Road.

With its permit on the line, the Economy Inn scored 100 percent. 

Health officials checked rooms Monday afternoon after a failed inspection in early October. 

"A lot of the failed inspections came through because of the rooms being not remodeled quite yet," said Economy Inn general manager Avis Zoma. "So a lot of the faults in the inspection were because the rooms weren't done." 

Because of a history of failed inspections, officials will be back every six months. 

Zoma says hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations are moving forward and soon the Economy Inn will be no more. 

"Even the name is going within six months to a year," Zoma told WDRB News. 

Some have associated the current name with drugs and prostitution. 

Councilman Steve Magre has spearheaded a charge against the motel but says he expected them to pass this inspection. 

"My stand point, I don't know why they just didn't go ahead and announce it Oct. 23 and save all this suspense," Magre said. "It was obvious it was gonna pass." 

Health officials say they could only look at the rooms they inspected on Oct. 5. 

A recent complaint did lead them to another vacant room, where inspectors found broken tiles, burn holes and stains on bedding. 

The health department says it'll be back in 30 days to make sure the rooms are cleaned up. 

"Giving someone eight second chances and now a ninth second chance, you start to wonder," Magre said. "And I hate to use this word...are the people at the health department in cahoots with the Economy Inn people?" 

We reached out to Metro Public Health and Wellness to respond. 

They referred us to an October press release stating: "While the enforcement process may sometimes seem to move slowly, we will relentlessly pursue it until the Economy Inn is either routinely found to be in compliance or until it no longer is permitted to operate." 

Louisville Metro Councilman Steve Magre issued the following statement in response to the inspection results:

"This result was a foregone conclusion. For what lack of sincere care this health department holds for truly safe and clean hotel rooms, they should have bypassed the cost of the inspection on Monday and given the approval on Oct 23. 

Therefore, it is back to the hotel Angel Bennett described so very well. I am willing to trust that results and outcomes can change giving second chances.  However, giving eight consecutive second chances, well that is too much for me.

Clearly, this Health Department has no intentions of ever revoking the Economy Inn’s license, and I mean ever. It is obvious the state statutory process that health departments follow to assure healthy and safe motel rooms is flawed and needs the attention of the General Assembly. 

Such concerns will never be the focus the local health department. This effort will have to come from grassroots. Fed up people will have to make a call to Frankfort to let officials know it’s time to fix this problem.”


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