SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Visit Main Street in downtown Shelbyville and you'll see several antique stores, boutiques and a few restaurants but city officials hope you'll soon see a different sort of business popping up.

“We've never had an ordinance to allow this into the city limits before,” Bob Andriot, a Shelbyville city councilman told WDRB.

Andriot says the council recently passed an ordinance to allow microbreweries, brewpubs and distilleries to open.

"This is going to open up the doors for some new things to come to town,” he said.

Andriot says they hope that will bring new visitors to town.

"We want people from Louisville to come. That's what we're about. You know, we've got a great downtown. We've got great shops and people who have been here a lot of years. Just small mom and pop things but most people don't realize what's here,” he said.

Andriot owns a couple businesses on Main Street. He believes the city will benefit from allowing microbreweries to move in. He says there are even a few historic structures currently available that would be ideal for that type of business.

"I think we're learning that things are changing. Younger people are looking for different things and we're trying to figure out a way to bring people to our community and this is one way we felt like we could do that. We love Main Street and we love Shelbyville so we want people to come enjoy what we've enjoyed all our lives,” said Andriot.

The ordinance applies to the city limits. Shelby County is still dry.

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