LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Some TARC bus stops along Dixie Highway are littered with used cups, hangers, even propane tanks. Garbage cans are overflowing and riders say somebody needs to clean it up.

Used bags and fast food cups, old soda cans, and empty pop bottles – that’s what can be seen scattered on the ground because garbage cans are at their capacity.

"Well some people just don't care," said George House who rides TARC about three days a week. "I've seen people ride the bus and there will be a garbage can right there and I've seen them over there and they just throw it on the ground instead of putting it in the garbage can."

"People throw some crazy stuff in there," said Katina King who’s used the bus for six years.

"You can't really put your trash in that trash can or else it will end up on the floor anyway,” said King. “So I just hold my trash until I get somewhere - to where they have a trash can that's at least decent enough to put something in it."

The problem is all up and down Dixie Highway. WDRB noticed it several places just between West Pages Lane and the Gene Snyder.

Out of nine trash cans in the area at TARC bus stops, six of them were overflowing.

"I haven't been scared to empty a few of them myself," said Metro Councilman David Yates.

He represents part of the area and says the trash bins are not TARC's property.

In fact, Yates says they were paid for with Neighborhood Development Funds, and since they're outside of Louisville's Urban Services District, city garbage pickup isn't an option.

"So in order to get it taken care of I needed to partner with my individual businesses, and the constituents," said Yates.

Yates says businesses volunteered to clean up the cans and this summer, when they were put out it, worked.

Now Yates says some are starting to slack off creating a problem for everyone.

"All I'm doing is asking and encouraging the businesses to continue to be diligent in doing so and asking my constituents - if you see the issue, throw it in the trash can. If it's overflowing give me a call we'll work to make the area a little more beautiful," said Yates.

Councilman Yates and TARC say they'll be reaching out to business owners about the overflowing trash cans on Wednesday.

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