LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say they arrested two men Tuesday night after an investigation into credit card skimming. 

According to the arrest reports, police were conducting surveillance on 37-year-old Onil Cesar Delgado Perez and 28-year-old Yosmel Castillo Martinez when they were "observed in the act of swiping cloned/re-encoded credit cards at a self-service auto wash" located in the 5800 block of the Outer Loop. Police say they saw the same two men swiping approximately 83 cloned credit cards at the same location two nights earlier. 

Police say they followed the men, who were in two separate vehicles, from the car wash to a home in the 5300 block of the Outer Loop. That's when police conducted a traffic stop and found more than two dozen cloned BP Rewards cards and other cloned cards that had been re-encoded with stolen credit card numbers in both vehicles. 

Police say both men agreed to let detectives search the home. During the search, police found a laptop computer along with a credit card writing device on the dining room table. The equipment is used to embed stolen credit card numbers on blank credit card plates. Police say they also found "numerous other re-encoded cards, cash money and several rolls of magnetic tape used in the production, manufacturing and embossment of plastic cards."

According to the arrest reports, police found a total of 114 cloned credit cards. Police say they believe both men have been trafficking stolen credit card information for profit. 

Both men face numerous charges, including unauthorized production of a credit card, use of a scanning device to access a credit card, and false making or embossing of a credit card. More charges are expected.

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