LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After years of work, the newly transformed Speed Art Museum should be ready to reopen in a few months. 

You have probably become immune to the traffic on 3rd Street, but the Speed Art Museum is about to reopen and when it does, it will bridge the worlds of classic with contemporary.

Welcome to the corner of 1927 meets the new millennium. This is not your grandmother's Speed Art Museum. 

"It's very exciting, we are close to 90 percent complete and finished," said Speed Art Museum CEO Ghislain d'Humieres.

It has taken three years and $60 million to get to this point. The brand new North building is a work of art itself, with 400 glass panels flecked with silver metallic pieces.

"This gallery is going to be the gallery of contemporary art," said d'Humieres.

And downstairs you'll find the Art Museum's store, main entrance and event space -- yes they'll soon host weddings there. 

A glass bridge connects the new building with the old, but even the traditional new part of the museum has been renovated, including the intricate English Renaissance Room.

"In fact, since we're doubling the size, we're going to be close to 1,000 works of art, but with many new pieces the public has never seen," said d'Humieres. 

Donors will get a sneak peak at the new building this Saturday so the construction dust is being mopped and soon glass panels will replace the construction wood on the stair cases.

Add what's being called an "art park" around the building with green space and water features as well as movie theater. and the Speed Museum's CEO says this museum will rival the big names in larger cities.

"Many of the big corporations here like to retain talent and attract talent from around the country," said d'Humieres. "Well, if you don't have an Opera, a ballet, a theater like Actors and a museum like us, we're helping to make the city also really attractive."

But the real goal is to not bridge old and new, but bridge generations by bringing new visitors to the museum from all different backgrounds. 

"So it's not so much about the building, which is about transparency and welcoming its about what we're going to do with this building," said d'Humieres.

The museum reopens to the public on March 12, 2016, and will be open for a consecutive 30 hours that opening weekend.

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