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POV | The Bluegrass Poll: the poorest predictor

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Late last week, the year’s final Bluegrass Poll showed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway leading Republican Matt Bevin by five percentage points. But Tuesday night, Bevin beat Conway by almost nine percent. That’s a 14 point swing!

The Poll’s prognostication was just as bad last year when it showed Allison Grimes in a dead heat against Senator Mitch McConnell, only to be shamefully discredited when McConnell trounced Grimes by more than fifteen percentage points.

Are these just examples of ineptitude or something more nefarious?

One of the major forces behind the Bluegrass Poll is the Courier-Journal – a newspaper with a long-standing liberal bias. Polls can be made to provide the results you want through the use of leading questions and questionable sampling. Given its wild inaccuracy of late, I have to wonder if the Bluegrass Poll hasn’t become more intent on influencing the outcome of elections than on providing accurate information.

If so, it’s not working anymore. The Bluegrass Poll has finally been outed as a consistently untrustworthy source of inaccurate information, and Bevin’s solid victory should provide final proof that its days as an effective tool of voter manipulation are over for good.

Any future attempt by the Courier-Journal to present the Bluegrass Poll as relevant, unbiased information will be a terrible disservice to the community they profess to serve, and it should be put to rest for good.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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