LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Major changes are on the way for Kentuckians.

Matt Bevin sat down with Fox News Channel’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thursday. He said there will be major changes on his first day as Kentucky's new Governor.

During his campaign Bevin vowed to lower taxes, slash state government and introduce right-to-work legislation, among other things, and last night he told Hasselbeck, the state’s affordable healthcare program is at the top of his agenda.

"Are you going to follow through with your plan to dismantle Kynect?” Hasselbeck asked. Bevin immediately responded, “Absolutely!".

Bevin admitted while the program has its merits, he added, "While they make you feel good, at the end of the day you've got to be able to pay for them. These were things we discussed on the trail."

Issues the governor-elect thinks ultimately put him over the top with voters, saying, "We also gave people something to believe in and at the end of the day hope is a powerful, powerful thing. And I think this message resonated with the voters of Kentucky."

Messages Bevin believes will also resonate with voters in the 2016 Presidential election now that all eyes are on Kentucky.  

"This entire race from the beginning was executed on fiscal and economic issues," Bevin said. "I think it’s the very same message that will resonate with voters in 2016.”

Bevin will be sworn into office on Dec. 8.

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