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GUEST POV | Ricky Jones - Achieving real diversity

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By Ricky Jones
WDRB Guest Editorial

When speaking to the unfortunate situation involving UofL President Jim Ramsey and what some considered offensive Halloween costumes, my friend Bill Lamb got a few things right, others wrong, and ignored a few important points I’d like to highlight.

Bill rightfully argued that Dr. Ramsey showed poor judgment with the costumes, but “had absolutely no intent to offend anyone.” I agree. I know Jim, he is not a racist, I don’t feel he should be fired, and support all sincere efforts to make this right. Unfortunately, Bill is a bit dismissive when he opines that we live “in a world where half the people are just waiting to be offended about something.”

The reality is that most people aren’t sitting around playing “gotcha.” Some folks have simply developed a very bad habit of engaging in inappropriate behavior and taking umbrage when it’s brought to their attention. No individual or group has the right to decide what another group should find offensive. Maybe we should have enough respect to ask Native Americans if they’re insulted by the Redskins nickname, blacks if blackface is acceptable, and Hispanics if stereotypical costumes are cool.

Importantly, this is another example that real diversity is needed in all spaces. Maybe majority group members should stop only hiring and hanging with self-loathing minorities with whom they are most comfortable and turn to ones who are confident enough in themselves to tell them the truth. It might save us all a lot of trouble.

I’m Ricky Jones and that’s my Point of View.

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