HARDIN COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) – Hundreds packed the Hardin County fairgrounds Saturday for a special auction for seized items.

“Everything is going to sell, regardless of price,” said auctioneer Philip Tabb. “A lot of it is what people would consider toys. You know, cool stuff.”

The auction is selling items that were seized in drug enforcement operations conducted by the Hardin County Drug Task Force.

“I think this is a couple of years worth of accumulation,” Tabb said.

He says that every few year the task seizes enough items that allows an auction to be held.

When you combine all that it’s kind of the perfect storm of crowd drawing items,” Tabb said.

The auction included trucks, cars, antique coins, motorcycles, lawn equipment, power tools, boats and more. All told, organizers believe all of the items could fetch around $150,000.Thats in spite of the fact that all of these items were seized during drug investigations.

“I think the circumstances of it too,” Tabb said. “I think people see that it's a narcotics task force seizure thing and that kind of gets an air of excitement to it.”

But it was the crowd that surprised everyone.

“This is the largest turnout that I've seen,” Tabb said. “We rented the fairgrounds in a anticipation of a large crowd but this is even a lot for the Hardin County fairgrounds to handle.

There is a 10 percent buyer’s premium charged to the buyer on each item that goes to pay the auction company. The rest of the money will go back toward the drug task force for further operations.

“The last one we did was nothing but vehicles -- just cars and trucks -- and I think we had about 30 vehicles then,” Tabb said.