SIMPSONVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Seized evidence that was once in the hands of criminals is back in the hands of criminals after a break-in at the Simpsonville Police Department.

Kentucky State Police say someone broke into evidence lockers late Friday night and stole about $30,000 in cash, an unknown amount of drugs and handguns.

“We don't typically see people breaking into police departments which is a good thing so we take is very serious when that happens,” said KSP Trooper Kendra Wilson.

The investigation is being handled by Kentucky State Police. Trooper Wilson says they don't have any suspects but aren't ruling out anything.

"All of the officers will be voluntarily consenting to polygraphs throughout this week,” said Wilson.

Wilson says the lie detector tests Simpsonville officers take this week will be used throughout the investigation.

Simpsonville's police department is small, with only six officers. But with the new outlet mall, officers have been busier than usual.

“They have more activity than most people realize,” said Wilson.

Simpsonville Police Chief Chip Minnis says the department has been in the same building for about 12 years. They share it with other government offices like sewer and parks and recreation. 

He says this is the first time they've ever had a break in. With an unknown amount of evidence gone, many cases could be in jeopardy.

Commonwealth's Attorney Laura Witt told WDRB anytime you lose evidence, it impacts how successfully they can try a case.

“Kentucky State Police is reviewing surveillance footage from the police department, from neighboring businesses and from other areas in the county,” Wilson told WDRB.

Police won't release that surveillance video until the investigation is over.

"We will be investigating all avenues until we find the person or persons involved,” she said.

If you know anything about the break in or if you saw anything suspicious Friday night between 10 and midnight you're asked to call Kentucky State Police Post 12 at 502-227-2221.

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