LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Despite what Katina Powell says, they did not engage in prostitution with University of Louisville basketball players or recruits. Those are the claims from five women who, on Monday, filed a defamation lawsuit against the authors of "Breaking Cardinal Rules."

The women say they're mentioned in the book, but were never prostitutes as Powell writes. Their attorneys are now asking for the book be removed from publication.

"In Kentucky it's inherently defamatory to accuse someone of a crime which they did not commit," said attorney J. Andrew White.

That's why five women have joined in a lawsuit against Katina Powell, her co-author Dick Cady, and IBJ, the publisher of the book "Breaking Cardinal Rules".

In it, Powell writes she set up parties for U of L players and recruits and that she and some of her dancers were paid for sex.

“Everyone says 'We never engaged in any kind of prostitution'," said White.

Attorneys J. Andrew White and Nader Shunnarah say three of the five women danced for Powell at U of L.

But the pictures shown in the book were not taken on campus and were for a calendar shoot -- for which Powell never paid them.

"By the way they were taken in a garage someplace in the west end and no one was told that this was going to be any kind of publicity for a book that she was writing," said White.

Shunnarah says the women were mortified when their pictures, used without their permission, popped up on TV.

"They received emails, texts, Facebook posts about 'What's going on?' 'Is this you?' 'Were you involved in this?' 'Is any of this true?'" said Shunnarah.

When asked why the attorneys believe the women, White responded, “Well that's a good question. One of the things you always have to rely upon is your instincts and your own ability to figure out what's not true. And what we do is we talk with these ladies separately, we talked with them under circumstances where if they were not telling the truth they'd make material contradictions of each other and they have not done that."

Four U of L students also joined the lawsuit, claiming the book devalues their degrees from the university.

"If you take a look at other universities with scandals, Penn State, Duke, to sit there and say that these types of sex scandals do not have an impact upon the student body, is just not realistic," said Shunnarah.

Attorneys are asking that any money Powell has received be put in a court fund.

In a statement to WDRB News, Powell’s attorney Larry Wilder said:

“What has happened today is further confirmation of what Ms. Powell has asserted from the outset.  The only thing that these three ladies dispute is that sex occurred for money.  However, it seems that if they didn't want to be identified as being involved in this behavior they would have been wise to not confirm the events and then provide their "names."

You can read more about the lawsuit here

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