Matt Bevin’s election last week as Kentucky’s next governor signals lots of changes to come in Frankfort – especially with regard to issues of interest to fundamental Christians.

Bevin has already said he’ll issue an executive order removing the names of county clerks from marriage licenses so they won’t have to go on record as personally recognizing same-sex marriages approved by their offices.  That seems relatively trivial, and as long as it keeps Kentucky from violating anyone’s Constitutional rights, it’s OK by me.

But Bevin’s stated intent to give millions of dollars in state tax credits to benefit the Ark Encounter Theme Park currently under construction in Grant County needs to be re-thought.

The operators’ plainly admitted plan to hire only Christians to work in the park once it’s completed clearly defines the venture as a religious organization. But unlike religious organizations that do qualify for tax breaks, this one will be run as a for-profit business. That being the case, any government assistance for such a blatantly discriminatory operation would clearly be unconstitutional.

I like hearing that Governor-elect Bevin plans to cut wasteful government spending. But giving tax credits to the Ark Encounter would not only take millions out of government resources, but also inevitably invite a long and costly lawsuit that would almost surely go against Kentucky in the end. And that strikes me as the epitome of wasteful government spending.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.