HODGENVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- "In God We Trust" will soon appear on the side of Hodgenville police cars.

The city council voted unanimously to allow the police department to add the decals to their cars but it has some members of the community questioning if it's appropriate.

Hodgenville's five-officer department recently got two new police cruisers.

When they were picking out new striping, they decided they would also like “In God We Trust” included in the design.

Police Chief Marcus Jackson first got permission from Mayor Kenny Devore.

"I'm very proud to be from a community that is a community of faith,” said Devore.

Jackson then went before city council and got full approval.

"I’m always glad when we have the support of the council, city and the community,” Jackson told WDRB.

They posted about it on Facebook and got mixed reaction.

A lot of it was positive but some others called it unconstitutional, saying "a belief in God has nothing to do with patriotism."

Someone else called it "a stupid waste of resources."

"Well I think it's been very positive. There are always a few naysayers about things,” said Devore.

Mayor Devore told WDRB residents won't have to pay for the new decals.

"I will pay for them personally. I will pay for the lettering,” he said.

Chief Jackson says the decals are optional.

"If a particular officer does not desire to have that on their vehicle, we're not going to force the issue,” he said.

Larue County Judge Executive Tommy Turner told WDRB litigation is possible but he hopes the issue stands on its own merit.

He said in an email: "I am supportive as I think allowing "In God We Trust" on our cruisers reflects the majority feeling of the community and if it were a public referendum it would pass overwhelmingly."

When asked if he expects any lawsuits over the decals, Chief Jackson said,"I hope not. That would really just be a waste of time and resources I believe."

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