LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Clarksville woman and her boyfriend faced a judge Thursday, accused of neglecting a 3-year-old child who died. 

Prosecutors say they wanted to file murder charges, but there isn't enough evidence. So Cynthia Weigleb and Joseph Manske are only facing neglect charges. 

Weigleb was brought into the courtroom first, wearing a green jail jumpsuit. She cried as a judge read her charges. 

Police say 3-year-old Alexis Arensman died in February. Medical reports show she was horrifically abused, suffering broken ribs, head injuries, and a burn on her face, which likely came from her mouth being taped shut. 

"To be honest, nobody knows what happened. Only the people in the home know what happened," said Weigleb's cousin, Brittany Haffern. 

The coroner's report cited 'battered child syndrome' as a cause of death. 

"I'm with her 24-7 and I don't think she (did) it. That's just my opinion," Haffern told reporters. 

She pointed the finger at Manske, but prosecutor Jeremy Mull says he thinks they're both responsible. 

"Both of the individuals lived in the home and had parental responsibility over the children," Mull said. 

Weigleb and Manske are also accused of physically abusing Alexis' sister, who is now with a foster family. 

Mull asked a judge to set their bond at $100,000 and she agreed. 

"We have a situation here where these children were very seriously injured," Mull explained. "One of them obviously died from those injuries and I think that it's imperative that others be protected from this happening." 

Officials say Weigleb is currently on probation.

She was arrested in 2011 for beating a 3-month-old so severely, the infant's legs and ribs were broken. 

She pleaded guilty to battery and causing serious bodily injury to a victim under the age of 14. 

If convicted, Manske and Weigleb face 56 years in prison.


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