Given the  various tales of exactly what happened -- or didn’t happen -- during the “strippers and sex” escapades in U of L’s basketball dorm alleged by Katina Powell, it’s easy to confuse those who may have some real knowledge of the situation with the many more who are just guessing. Or lying.

But there’s one guy who could bring clarity to the situation simplify by either confirming the accusations or dismissing them as complete fiction -- former U of L assistant coach Andre McGee.

But McGee, who’s portrayed as the scandal’s ringleader and money man, has so far remained maddeningly silent. Even though he’s already resigned from his last job as a coach at UMKC -- and is unlikely to ever hold a job in college sports again unless he’s cleared of these accusations -- he’s said nothing, other than to refer to “false allegations” in his resignation letter.

But McGee needs to understand this: If, as he says, these allegations are false, then only he can provide the proof that will confirm that. A lot of people are suffering as a result of this mess, and if he’s withholding information that would clean it up, he’s doing them a terrible disservice.

On the other hand, if it turns out he was involved in shady activities, he needs to man up and take his portion of the responsibility. But either way, continuing to hide in the shadows is just cowardly,

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.