LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- New signs will be popping up on interstates across Kentuckiana within the year. “River Link” is the logo for the Ohio River Bridges new toll system. Members of the Ohio River Bridges Project board unveiled the new logo during a briefing at the Kentucky Convention Center Tuesday.

David Talley with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet told the group, "The River Link brand is what will bring our communities together by creating a stronger link across the river."

He and Jim Stark with the Indiana Department of Transportation explained some of the particulars for the electronic system. There are no toll booths, no coin machines and there’s no stopping.

"We want people to obtain a transponder. This will make everybody's life a lot easier. It will make the way to pay your tolls a lot easier."

In order to do that, officials said drivers will need to set up a pre-paid account. Once you do there will be several options to choose from including a small sticker you would put in the top of your windshield as well as an actual box. A sensor could also scan your license plate and deduct the toll from your account.

For those who don't have an account, cameras will scan your license plate then send you a bill. If you don't pay Talley said the have provisions for that too.

"Eventually they'll receive a violation notice and for Indiana and Kentucky residents if that is not satisfied the states will have the option of withholding vehicle registrations."

The big question still remains, how much are drivers going to pay to cross the bridge?

"As soon as we get those business rules put together we'll be able to outline what vehicles will be charged what rates," Stark explained.

Drivers don't want to pay a toll, the Sherman Minton on I-64, the Clark Memorial 2nd St Bridge will both be toll free. Or you can take TARC.

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