LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It was a  frightening scene for neighbors who watched police run through the streets of St. Matthews with guns drawn.

Late Friday afternoon, Louisville Metro Police wrapped up a press conference on their search, and told us the two they were looking for are a couple wanted for questioning about a recent murder.

There was a car chase, a crash, and the suspects were eventually found inside a home in St. Matthews. 

It was a frightening scene in St. Matthews as dozens of Louisville Metro Police officers swarm the area with guns and riffles drawn.

"We were upstairs looking out that window and I said, 'Honey, there are some police cars there,'" said Caroline Belden, a neighbor. "And then I said, 'They are drawing their guns! They are drawing their guns!' So that's when we knew something was really serious."

Police were searching for Angela Tingle and Larry Caffee, both with felony warrants and wanted for questioning in a recent murder outside a Dixie Highway Taco Bell.

"And they came down this street, and they got turned around, and they ended up cracking up their car behind a house just right across the street and they abandoned it," said Lorne Belden. "And that's when police started...you know."

The Beldens live near Dellridge Drive and Ridgeway Avenue in St. Matthews where the suspects crashed, but the search expanded to Westport Road near Walden School.

"They searched our back yard, our garage -- everywhere -- under all these these things, all these houses, for an hour, and then they focused on that house," said Caroline Belden.

Police found both suspects hiding inside a white house. Tingle seemed to be crying and pleading her case to police as she was taken into custody.

"She was more fussy," Caroline Belden said.

"Yeah, she was more animated than he was," Lorne Belden said.

Once in custody, police took the suspects to headquarters.

"They have not been charged with the murder," said Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell. "They were wanted for questioning, but because of their actions, there will be some additional charges."

Meanwhile, St. Matthews neighbors are happy to have the suspects in custody, and their street back.

"Right now, I am feeling very relieved, but it has taken 20 minutes to get there," Caroline Belden said. "I think it was more unnerving than we realized."

Again, police say they are just questioning the suspects and have not charged them with murder.

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