SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Fake $10 bills are making their way around Scottsburg, Indiana and police say they should be easy to spot.

Unlike a real $10 bill, the counterfeit ones don't feel like normal money and don't have a watermark. Police say they're being used at fast food businesses all over the city of Scottsburg and Highway 56 is the hotspot for the criminal activity. 

The road is lined with businesses that have fallen victim to the fake money. 

Scottsburg Deputy Chief of Police Richey Barton warns people to be on the lookout as there have been at least six instances of the counterfeit bills since Tuesday,  but still no arrests.

"They're very poor quality, which is surprising that they've made this many passes through town," Barton said.  

So far all the forged $10 bills are from 2009 with serial number JG43670829B. The recovered bills have been sent to the secret service.

Most businesses use a counterfeit detection pen, which turns yellow on real bills and black on fake ones. But the criminals have gone a step further.

"They're also marking them with a yellow marker so they look like they've been checked, so if somebody is busy and they've hit a busy time of day and somebody sees the mark and they're just taking them," Barton said. 

Barton urges people to be diligent in checking their change because if they wind up with one of the fake bills, they're just out of the money. The real test is in the bills' ink.

"You just get a regular bill and a white piece of paper," Barton explained, "[the bill] will actually draw (on the white piece of paper), because they don't dry." 

If you find a counterfeit bill, you are asked to call police immediately.

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