NELSON COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Nelson County School Board wants to know why some schools are under performing while others are excelling. 

At a board meeting Tuesday night, one solution involved merging two schools in the district, but after a heated discussion, it looks like the issue won't be brought up again. 

Nelson County Schools Superintendent Anthony Orr proposed the idea to merge Boston School and New Haven School in order to ensure higher performance. 

Both are K-8 but Boston is a high performing school, while New Haven is struggling with lower test scores.

"What we're looking to do is make sure that all of our schools are performing at the highest levels they possibly can," Orr explained at the meeting. 

He brought up the idea of possibly making one an elementary school and the other a middle school.

"We've got some proficient schools and some distinguished schools and some that need improvement, so we're working to get all of them up so the levels are where they need to be," Orr explained. 

But parents and some on the board weren't buying the proposal.

"As long as Boston school is...hanging in there, I do not want it bothered," one board member said during the meeting. 

"I don't think it's gonna be a solution to your problem whatever that is, but you got to figure that out first," said one parent.

Boston and New Haven schools are more than 12 miles apart. Concerns over a merger included longer bus rides and negative impacts on athletics.

"I know that's not the most Important thing but that is a huge outlet for kids who have nothing to do or nowhere to go," a parent said. 

The merger is off the table for now, but everyone agrees something needs to happen to make sure all students succeed.

"We need to look at it as a community, we need to look at his school, as district-wide, and then we need to all kind of work together and see what we can do," parent Anne Sahingoz said. 

Orr says another option could be to hire an outside agency to figure out why some schools are under performing.

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