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POV | Your Point of View -- A Tutorial

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As you know, once a week we share a few of the telephone responses to my most recent Point of View. It’s become one of our most popular features, but unfortunately, many times we get calls we’d love to include on our newscasts, but simply can’t – mostly because of problems that could have been easily avoided.

That being the case, I’d like to mention of few of these potential problems in the hope you’ll avoid them the next time you call.

First – know what you want to say before you call. Even if you need to write it out. Far too many of the calls we receive ramble on with no obvious destination, and when a point finally has been made, it’s too long to use. Short and to the point is always best.

Second – please turn the volume of your TV in the background down or completely off. There’s nothing worse than an intelligent point being made that’s drowned out by competing noise.

Third, don’t yell into the phone. And don’t whisper either. The quality of telephone audio is iffy at best, so make it easy to be heard.

And finally, no profanity. You may think it makes your point better, but all it does is guarantee it’ll never be heard.

Remember all that, and next time it could be you sharing your opinion with the world.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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