LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An arrest warrant is out for a woman, after WDRB raised questions about her case.

Rebecca Johnson faces four charges that include drug trafficking and carrying a gun. Since she is a convicted felon, officials say that gun charge should have been a felony charge, which carries a higher penalty.

The matter was not addressed in court Thursday. Johnson stood before Judge Sheila Collins for less than 10 seconds before her case was moved to January.

Afterward, the Jefferson County Sheriff's department dealt with the conflict by issuing a felony arrest warrant.

Johnson has been out of jail on bond.

Johnson killed two passengers while she was driving drunk in 2006. She was sentenced to 20 years, but did not serve time in prison. She was instead given probation. In 2012, she was arrested on drug and public intoxication charges and served 45 days in jail.

The victims' families say she continues to receive lenient sentences.

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