LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Matt Jones has decided against running for Kentucky's 6th District Congressional seat in 2016. 

Jones, the host and founder of Kentucky Sports Radio, announced his decision Monday morning on the radio and in a blog post. In the post, he says the decision "is more personal than it is political." He added that he felt he could have won the race.

Jones went on to say: 

"While I think now more than ever, a person who is willing to put aside political affiliations in order to actually work for the common good is needed, it just isn’t the right time in my life to do it. I am extremely proud of what we have built here at KSR and the amazing opportunity I get to have as a part of it daily. Every day I get a chance to get up, work with friends I love and try to entertain thousands of people about a topic we all share. The reality is that as of now, I cannot say I am ready to completely give it up."

Jones says it's very likely that he may decide to run for office "at some point in the future."

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