LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Butchertown is getting a lot of attention these days and Joe Heron, owner of Copper and Kings Distillery, wants to keep this momentum going.

“Butchertown has a special quality. It sort of appears to be an independent republic. It’s the Brooklyn of Louisville,” said Heron. “It’s where you can create things, where you can live in a creative environment.”

The Copper and Kings Distillery in Butchertown is known not only for its brandy, but also the event space.

"From weddings to corporate events -- and often people would be looking for a non-alcoholic option," Heron explained.

To accommodate everyone's pallet, Heron started working on his next project: Butchertown Soda.

His team partnered with, Flavorman, a local beverage development company to create a brand that's different from the rest.

"It’s for people who are looking for a full flavored, almost culinary soda," Heron said.

The company has five soda flavors: Cola Superior, Ginger Beer, Tonic Water, Cream Soda and Mandarin Mint.

“I think people are treating themselves to better sodas now; sodas that have better ingredients and sodas that pay more attention to detail," he said.

From the taste to the design, the owner says every bit of this brand pays homage to an area that deserves a lot more recognition.

“The reality is Butchertown is downtown," said Heron. "It just somehow gets treated as the orphan stepchild."

For $1.99 a bottle, it's sold at local groceries and liquor stores in Louisville -- and four other states.

Butchertown Soda can be purchased at stores like Valu Market, Whole Foods, Liquor Barn, Lucky's and Butchertown Grocery.

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