LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A little bit of light rain didn't put a damper on things downtown for Light Up Louisville. In fact, the lights were shining bright and lining the streets of downtown Louisville. 

It was, perhaps, a little bit of a lighter crowd this year, but those who were there were having a great time.

WDRB reporter Travis Ragsdale reached into his inner being and pulled out this poetic description:

"Lighting the night, 
With a plug that's just right,
For all ages, from young to old,
Unlike last year, not cold."

"Our very own Snow Fox was there as well,
But he didn't bring any snow, and that was just fine with the Belle [of Louisville,] 
But others wouldn't have minded if it fell."

"We're from New Hampshire," said one visitor. "Where is the snow?"

"I love the fireworks show and everything," said another attendee.

Ragsdale's poem continues:

"When the fireworks started, there was wonder everywhere.
But of course the big hit of the night was Santa in his great big chair."

"We're trying to find Santa Claus for my niece because that's the most exciting part for the kids," said one attendee.

In the end, Ragsdale summed it all up with this verse he penned from his muse:

"But downtown Louisville is just off to a start.
The goal is that everyone will now open up their heart.
Events will continue to the end of the year.
We can all only hope the skies will stay clear."

(Feel free to set Ragsdale's poem to music.)

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