LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – In the rain, around 200 people met in Louisville’s west end Saturday to condemn the violence that has plagued many of their lives.

“We have to love each other. We have to. We can do this y'all,” said Lachelle Philpot, whose 17-year-old son Adrian Cook was shot and killed the night before Thanksgiving.

“I'm hurt. They took him. They took him from me."

Police are now investigating another homicide Saturday night, this time in the Bashford Manor neighborhood on Golden Turtle Circle. Police say a man in his 20s was found dead inside a car in that area. Thus far, detectives are not releasing any suspect information.

According to LMPD crime statistics, that makes 84 homicides this year. Four of those were reviewed and determined to be justified. Another four are still being reviewed by the commonwealth's attorney's office.

Darlene McNealy has lost three children to homicides in recent years.

“Y'all just don't know the pain,” she said. “Y'all don't know the pain that we have to endure as parents.”

In total, there have been 76 criminal homicides so far, the most in Jefferson County since 1979.

By comparison, there were 49 in 2014.

“Why y'all? Why?” McNealy asked. “Why are we letting this happen in our community? Where your kids are going to be? This boy had two kids and now they don't have no daddy.”

LMPD acknowledges the spike in homicides and violent crime but says Louisville is not alone.

“Unfortunately, Louisville is not immune to the spike in violence we've seen nationwide,” LMPD spokesperson Sgt. Phil Russell said. “We want to be different. We want to be unique and try to bring that number down. So we're doing our best to reach and work with the community.”

But nothing is good enough for family members who have lost loved ones to violence.

“Y'all got to stop this," McNealy said. “Look at all these kids in here. What do they have to look up for?”

LMPD is still looking for information in regards to the homicide in Bashford Manor Saturday night. If you know or saw anything, you’re urged to call LMPD’s anonymous tipline at 574-LMPD.

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