LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- While families celebrate the holiday weekend, several in Clarksville are temporarily homeless.

Fire damaged their apartments, but thankfully everyone made it out alive.

After seeing the smoke David Bruce and his wife grabbed their two young kids and left.

"We ran down the stairs and by the time we got down the stairs, we looked back up the staircase was engulfed in flames," Bruce said.

Their home at Meadows at Green Tree Apartments was next door to the burning unit. Clarksville fire responded around 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

Chief Tom Upton says it looks like it started in an upstairs unit. The view from the back shows the roof is destroyed.

"We will turn it over to the property managers once we get an initial investigation and get information obtained that we need," Chief Upton said.

There was melted siding, shattered windows and part of the building is now on the ground. Despite the damage, things could've been much worse.

"The fire wall did as it was supposed to," Chief Upton said. "It kept the spread from the one side of the structure to the other."

In all, two units were destroyed by fire. Six others had water damage.

Several residents are now without a place to stay, but luckily everyone made it out alive.

"We're all OK, and that's what I told her," Bruce said. "I said 'we see this on the news all the time, and you never think it'll happen to you.' But sometimes, you know, you hear somebody didn't make it out so. We made it out ... God was watching over us."
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