LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Changes could be coming to Chenoweth Lane in Louisville but some people want the road left alone.

The state wants to improve congestion and make Chenoweth lane safer but some neighbors say they have proof that it's fine the way it is.

Chenoweth lane is a two-lane road that connects Shelbyville Road to Brownsboro Road. A study is being conducted to see if any improvements need to be made to the roadway.

“What are the concerns of the residents that live in that area and the people who travel on it. What visions do they have and what improvements do they want to see for the roadway?" said Andrea Clifford, spokesperson for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Clifford says the overall goal is to make it safer.

"If there are safety issues, we definitely want to address that. The majority of the crashes have been on the south end of the corridor, closer to the railroad tracks,” said Clifford.

One of the proposed changes includes widening the road and adding a center lane.

The state held a public meeting in November to gather feedback from residents. More than 600 residents against the widening of Chenoweth Lane have signed a petition. They believe that if even just one lane is added, cars will likely go faster.

"I think we would have traffic driving faster, a lot more potential for traffic accidents,” said Judy Edwards.

Edwards is leading the movement against widening the road.

She's lived on Chenoweth Lane for 28 years.

She says there aren't any problems worth addressing.

“According to their own traffic studies, the traffic on Chenoweth Lane since 1990 has actually decreased. Their own studies say it's not needed. Almost everybody in this community do not want it so we hope they'll listen to us and not doing anything. We want it left alone,” Edwards told WDRB.

"We're looking at all those things. We're going to compile all that input. We've received over 250 responses,” said Clifford.

Residents had until midnight on Dec. 1 to share their input. 

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is reviewing the feedback from the public before deciding how to proceed. Officials say it will likely be years before any work begins. 

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