LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's the third time police have raided a Pleasure Ridge Park home and found drugs, but neighbors say the criminal activity in the area isn't going away.

Police say they found a large amount of cash and heroin at 5300 West Pages Lane on Tuesday night. 

"It's really gotten crazy here," Andrew Sheakley, who lives a few houses down, said. "Drug traffic all hours of the night. They're racing up and down the road." 

Neighbors were hopeful two previous drug raids here would shut the place down. 

The first one happened in November of last year. 

The second was in May. That time, WDRB was there as officers pulled guns and drugs out of the home. 

"It's completely ridiculous," Sheakley said. "We shouldn't have to live like this." 

But police were back again this week and four people were arrested on drug trafficking charges. 

A judge entered not guilty pleas for Taquisha Miles, 32, Matthew Disney, 20, Montrall Mayfield, 29, and Shermonte Mayfield, 27, on Wednesday morning.  

Police say Shermonte Mayfield, also known as 'Young Commercial,' lives at the residence and has been charged with trafficking heroin five times over the last two years. 

He was on home incarceration Tuesday night. 

"It's frustrating whenever they get out on home incarceration and they continue to do the crime that they were put on home incarceration for," said LMPD Det. Justin Witt. 

Frustration from police, neighbors and city leaders. 

"It's frustrating for me-- for it to continually be happening and I don't live next door to it," Metro Councilwoman Cindi Fowler told WDRB News. 

We asked Metro Councilwoman Cindi Fowler if there's anything the city can do. 

"There is an ordinance that covers persistent, police being called to a certain house, especially if they are renters," she explained. 

Sheakley says the system hasn't worked so far, but he's hoping this third raid does, keeping the suspects behind bars and forcing drugs out of the neighborhood. 

"Somebody's gonna get hurt," he said. "It's gonna be an accident or a bad drug deal. An innocent person is going to get hurt."  

WDRB was able to reach the landlord of the property. 

She says she is starting the eviction process and that she did not know about the first raid.

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