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POV | Busing -- Let's pull the plug

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Ah, busing.

This discredited and ineffectual strategy to achieve so-called "diversity" in Jefferson County schools is the gift that just keeps on giving.

We spend an insane amount of taxpayer money on vehicles, gasoline and tires that could have gone toward facility improvements, increased teacher salaries and other critical needs.

We disrupt our children’s home lives by not allowing them to attend their neighborhood schools with their friends and get home at a decent hour.

We prevent parents from becoming involved in their children’s schools because of impossible travel and time logistics.

We consign our kids to hours of unproductive, unfulfilling down time riding across the county each week in an undersupervised environment that practically begs them to get into mischief – or worse.

And now, we learn that school bus drivers are calling in sick and quitting in droves because of fights and other violence on their buses while the impotent school system does nothing to address their concerns.

Could someone please remind me again why this is such a good idea?

Let’s face it: While it was born of noble intentions, busing has proven itself to be a failed social experiment involving costs that far outweigh any hoped-for benefit. Our children should not be used as the means to some dubious end. Their education and welfare should be the end itself.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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