LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Little by little, money started disappearing from a house on Cecil Avenue in west Louisville. Police say it started in May and continued through July.

According to police documents, Michael Stovall put $1 million cash in the basement of a home he owns. Police say Charles Hughes, who's a tenant of Stovall's, knew about the money and told his friends Paul Woodcox and Daryl Jones.

Police say the three stole the money and split it among themselves and another defendant, James Willis.

Hughes -- who is blind and bound to a wheelchair -- was arrested first. Woodcox and Jones are also now in jail after police found stolen money at both their homes.

Police say the money was damaged and dirty.

According to a warrant, Willis, one of the defendants, took the money to Churchill downs to exchange it for clean money. But track officials became suspicious and Willis later confessed to authorities.

Since then, more arrests have been made in connection to the theft.

Wilma Jones and Glenn Webster were caught trying to bail Daryl Jones out of jail with what is believed to be part of the stolen money.

All have been charged with theft or receiving stolen property, or both.

A spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department told us it's too early to comment but did say they plan to arrest more people.

We went to Michael Stovall's house to see if he's gotten any of his money back, but he wasn't home.

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