LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- PNC customers should be able to access their accounts again, after having problems this morning.

Customers took to social media early Friday after experiencing problems using debit and credit cards and accessing their online accounts. One WDRB Facebook viewer posted: "PNC Bank is completely down.  Debit cards being declined and website crashed."

There were numerous posts on Twitter as well. 

WDRB reporter Toni Konz was also surprised when her debit card was declined:

We spoke with PNC corporate communications spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel who told us PNC was having widespread technical issues. 

"PNC is aware of an issue and we are working to resolve it as quickly as possible," Zwiebel said. 

Zwiebel told WDRB that PNC and other banks were "being impacted by a technical problem with a vendor." She said online, mobile, debit and credit cards were being impacted, but customers could still do ATM transactions.

Zwiebel did not know what other banks and financial institutions were affected.

While many PNC customers reported issues, others said they were able to access online accounts with no problems. 

All of the issues, have since been fixed, according to Zwiebel.

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