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Guest POV - Vote 'YES' on Oldham County Alcohol Sales


By Scott Whitehouse
WDRB Guest Editorial

Oldham County Voters have the opportunity on December 29 to cast a historic vote. Please vote “YES” to allow the sale of packaged alcoholic beverages. On December 5, 1933 Prohibition ended in the United States; 82 years later we have the chance to make the sale of packaged alcoholic beverages available to consumers in Oldham County.

A “YES” vote will create business development, it supports and expands the restaurant industry, it creates a new source of revenue, and it improves our quality of life.

One year after allowing alcohol sales, Danville, Kentucky welcomed three new restaurants, six new package liquor stores, and a high end whisky bar, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue, a 9% increase in tourism dollars, and an increase in retail sales due to more customers shopping in their community. Corbin, Kentucky increased city revenue by $596,000 the year after expanding alcohol sales and experienced an influx of new retail businesses. With the new revenue they were able to hire three new police officers and they did not experience any increase in alcohol related arrests.

A few interesting facts for your consideration:

Dry counties have MORE alcohol related crashes than wet counties.

Going “WET” does not mean more DUIs.

Expanding the sale of alcohol in Oldham County DOES NOT expand the consumption of alcohol in Oldham County.

Alcohol Sales “DOES” create economic growth and jobs.

Please Vote “YES” on December 29!

I’m Scott Whitehouse and that’s my Point of View.

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