LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Breckinridge County Sheriff is back on the job, two months after pleading guilty to a DUI.

Todd Pate was sentenced to a suspended 30-day jail sentence and was ordered to pay an $800 fine. He attended a drug and alcohol education class.

Pate did not spend any time in jail.  Pate says he has received about 150 letters and cards of support.

Pate says after what happened, "I think in the long run, I'll be a stronger, better sheriff, a better friend and father in lots of ways."

In October, he was arrested for DUI. His wife took out a warrant and told authorities Pate threatened to kill her, her parents and take his own life.

He says, "In looking back and thinking, I had some things in my personal life along with a very busy job that's very demanding, 3 very young children that take a lot of responsibility, I wouldn't trade that for anything. But, things had kind of just gotten a little bit difficult."

Pate says he was given no preferential treatment. He was given a suspended 30-day jail sentence and went to rehab.

When asked about him pulling over someone for a DUI when he had a DUI arrest, Pate responded, "I don't think that will bother me. I wasn't treated any differently than anyone else."

Pate says this has been the lowest point in his career. A high point was when he saved a boy who was tortured by his family. He was on the Oprah show to talk about it in 2011.

Pate says, "I am terribly sorry over what took place for the feelings I hurt of other people, my family, my community, the office staff, the deputies that work the road, the state police officers, all the officers I work with."  

Pate has served as Breckinridge County sheriff since 2003.


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