LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Wildlife officials say several deer have been shot and killed in an east Louisville neighborhood by someone using archery equipment.

Rebecca Brown, a resident on Dunvegan Road where it happened, was alert Saturday night. She says had noticed a truck circling the neighborhood in the Glenview area for hours.

Around 9:30 p.m., surveillance video shows the truck pulling into her driveway, and you can also see Brown coming out to confront the men.

She found a deer dead in her yard and a lot of blood.

"I asked them what they are doing, and they said collecting the deer they hit," Brown said. And I said how did you hit a deer on this street? They said just driving around." 

She took a picture of one man and the license plate and called police. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officer Cristian Casper started his investigation Sunday and found evidence the men were using archery equipment throughout the neighborhood to shoot deer.

"To me this is poaching," said Casper. "It's illegally taking wildlife, that's what I'm sworn to protect. I've been a lifelong sportsman and I'm just as disturbed by it as those in this neighborhood."

Brown went back and looked at surveillance video. In one portion, you can see a deer dashing across the screen, and it appears to be limping. The truck was not far behind. "Watch him, he'll stop," Brown said as she explained the video, "And I don't know if they're shooting here, or they've already shot it and they're waiting to see what happens."

In another angle, you can see several deer in Brown's yard. That is just before she confronted them.

"I knew he was up to something, so I went outside. They were just shooting randomly and collecting them and they got caught. We found other deer that had perished with arrows, we found an arrow in someone's tree in the front yard," said Brown.

Casper says at least four deer were shot and killed. "It is against the law to shoot deer at night, it is against the law to illegally take deer when you don't have permission to be where you're at, it's illegal to shoot from a roadway," Casper explained. 

There are two persons of interest in the case and charges are possible.

"This is just the most heinous thing I can imagine people doing between the hours of 6:30-9:30 in this kind of residential neighborhood, when people are walking their dogs, they're out, walking, it was a beautiful night," said Brown.

The two men face a misdemeanor charge and Casper says they could end up paying fines and restitution costs that total over $1,000.

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