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POV | No guns for terrorists

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In his national address Sunday night, President Obama urged Americans not to give in to fear as we deal with the ongoing threat of terrorism. That’s reasonable advice, but I don’t think Americans have become as fear-filled as Obama seems to think. We’ve simply become more vigilant in light of new realities and understand that caution is the prudent course of action.

The speech also lacked anything new about how the Administration plans to address the threat of terrorism in the future. This is what Americans are most concerned with, and if there really was no fresh information to share, what was the point of taking up all that time?

However, there’s one thing President Obama and I agree on completely:  Suspected terrorists on the “No-Fly” list should definitely be on a “No-Guns” list as well.  But Republicans continue to fight the President even on this common sense notion.

We have too many politicians who unconditionally support either the Republican or the Democrat party platform, and too few who actually think for themselves.  Both parties have good ideas.  Neither party is right or wrong all the time.  Honestly, how could we not support the idea of trying to prohibit people on the “No Fly” list from owning a gun?  A little less blind party loyalty and a little more common sense might be useful here.

Call and share your thoughts.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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